Ride Bikes Be Happy Cyclist Gift Set (OTE)


Ride Bikes Be Happy Cyclist Gift Set.

We all know how difficult it can be to find that cycling friend a perfect gift, well you may have found just what you are looking for. With a recommended retail price of almost £30 you even save money from buying the items individually. 

Comprising of;

  • Super soft linen small tote bag (26cm x 34cm)
  • 95mm Square Cork Backed Glow Bikes Coaster
  • Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
  • OTE 750ml Bottle
  • OTE Hydro Tabs
  • OTE Duo Bar
  • OTE Energy GEL
  • OTE Anytime Energy Bar

Who are OTE? 
OTE Sports are based in Yorkshire (Like us)..... 
 Developed by professional nutritionists and athletes with over twenty years’ experience. Their multi award winning products are used by The Brownlee Brothers, British Triathlon, NTT Pro Cycling & Cannondale Factory Mountain Bike Team. Find our more here.

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