Reindeer Food

November 13, 2017

Reindeer Food

Personalised Reindeer Food 

We know what you are thinking, Not Reindeer food it's harmful for all those tiny garden creatures!!! 

Well some maybe but not here at EllieBeanPrints.  We have loveingly taken our time to make for you wildlife friendly food.    It is made in house using only porridge and cake sprinkles.  This means there is nothing harmful in there for anything that may try to eat it in your garden (our house if your kids are anything like ours and fancy a try).

Not only is ours wildlife friendly but it is also beautifully personalised on an A6 brown card that your cheeky elf can bring your little cherubs on Christmas Eve, (or we can leave the elf part out if you don't have one). 

So why not keep another part of the Christmas magic alive and get your hands on one of our very popular Reindeer foods.

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