Meet the team....

We are a small family run business at EllieBeanPrints and one thing that we try to do is create adventures for our family. The way we run EllieBeanPrints allows us to do this.  

The EllieBeanPrints Family Team are made up from the following members and we've added the bikes we ride for anyone who is interested! We have also added links to the girls instagram pages showing them loving the outdoors and riding bikes. Both girls are brand ambassadors for several brands and we really appreciate the support that they offer the girls. 

THE BOSS... Mum (Andrea) Owner | Designer | Printer | Brew-maker | Superwomen
Bike of choice.... Orange Five

THE PACKER... Ellie (Age 10) - Helper | Reindeer Food Maker| Card Cutter| Picking | Packing 
Bike of choice.... Juliana Furtado CC 
Insta -

THE STICKER... Lucy (Age 7) - Head of post label sticking | Cleaner (slave labour)
Bike of choice.... Transition Ripcord 24" Custom 
Insta -

THE PROBLEM CAUSER... Dad.... (Adam) - Web Designer (with Shopify's help) | Sign Maker | Problem Causer (getting in the way) | Problem Fixer after he's caused the problem!
He did have have a real job though working for Orange Bikes but now works on EllieBeanPrints full time! We just got too busy for him to mess around playing with bikes! ;) 
Bike of choice... Orange Stage Evo

And that's us... no faceless massive corporate companies just an awesome small team who love working on our family business and our adventures in the great outdoors!.